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Researsh paper about “ZOOM”

Zoom Marketing Plan 1)     – Executive Summary.   (1-2 paragraph) This part is to give a marketing plan for Zoom Video Communications Company. DO NOT need to write an introduction about the company. Improve the company’s current market position by developing a revised marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion, and/or positioning) that would lead to a stronger market position. The goal is to improve the company’s current market position by coming up with a new marketing strategy. 2)     – Situation Analysis.   (2 pages) 2.1  Market Summary 2.1.1       Market Demographics Based on the information of Zoom’s customers, summarize the characteristics of the company’s audience, such as race, income level, age, education level, etc. 2.1.2       Market Needs Analyze the market demand of the whole industry 2.1.3       Market Trends Analyze the market trends of the whole industry 2.1.4       Market Growth Analyze the market growth of the whole industry 2.2  Competition What are Zoom’s main competitors? What is Zoom’s competitive advantage?   2.3  Critical Issues Need to define critical issues, like what are the problems in the company’s schedule operation? What are the biggest issues facing the company as the epidemic improves?   2.4  Macro-environment In the macro environment, what challenges and opportunities exist in the company 3)     Marketing Strategy and Tactics.   (2-3 paragraph) 3.1  Mission What is the company’s mission? Explain it. The tasks are undertaken by ZOOM by social responsibility, obligation, or by its own development. 3.2  Marketing Objectives Cultivate and develop loyal customers; Reasonable profit (above the industry average); Industry leadership (maintain number one, number two and build scale), continuous growth (drive and potential), staff development, team leadership improvement, and social responsibility.