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Research Topic on Implicit / Systemic Bias

The research topic I chose is ‘Instagram portrayals of success’, and I need you to find a page of an Instagrammer and how their ‘portrayals of success’ in their multiple posts or one specific post and replies from followers relate to implicit bias and analyze that implicit bias. You can do like fake bodybuilders that use steroids, or business leaders that sell scams, or rappers that flaunt their wealth to make more money and fame. Something like that, but it needs to focus on only one Instagrammer and their posts (or one post). You can use the replies of followers to help expand the ideas in the essay. Please include the links of followers comments and specific posts on a Works Cited Page. Essay needs to be atleast 4 pages. Please use this link to guide the essay structure: The assignment is below: Assignment: For this essay, you will offer your peers in class (your audience) an in-depth analysis on an implicit/systemic/institutional bias text’s representation of a focused topic of your choice that answers the following questions: How does your text reflect and/or shape unconscious/implicit biases on the topic? What are the possible repercussions and/or benefits that come with this depiction? Your essay needs to do more than summarize your text and/or state the obvious: It must provide an analysis that digs beneath the surface to find the underlying connotations that reflect and shape audience biases on your topic for a purpose of your choosing.