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Research Review on the following research paper – pages 123-145

Scott, S. (2009). Re-clothing the Emperor: The Swimming Pool as a Negotiated Order. Symbolic Interaction, 32(2): 123-145. doi:10.1525/si.2009.32.2.123 **THE ONLY REQUIRED SOURCE FOR SITUATION IS THE ARTICLE First, provide a short summary of the study you choose to examine: What are its main themes? What is the topic area? What theoretical framework is the research grounded in?  What is object/subject of study? What does the author want to find out? What kinds of questions are being asked? [what / who / why / how many / how much]  What methods have been used? What are the sources of evidence? How was the data collected? Are the aims and methods of the study clear?  Secondly, assess the article. Consider the following questions:  How well has it achieved its aims?  How appropriate are its methods for achieving these aims? Has the researcher chosen a good way to study the topic? Are the sources of evidence appropriate for answering the questions/problems posed?  What signs are there that the research was done well? Does the researcher make credible claims based on the evidence presented?  Do they provide a clear description of how the research was done, including the gathering and analysis of data?  Are there markers of quality qualitative analysis, such as thick description, concrete detail, reconstruction of the views of participants, or the inclusion of multiple sources and perspectives?