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REPORT # 2  No unread replies. No replies. As you probably did a month ago, for your first report, this second report ,however, should uncover those points of interest of another segment of the hospitality business. For example, if you also have a career interest in hotel operations you could research ONLINE hotel room reservation system of the hotel you select, and the hotels room design from its photos, maybe  job openings would provide job titles etc. and catering options. Or do you have also an interest in Banquet operations , Casino food operations, Golf/Country Club food service , Quick service franchise management, College/University  student foodservice, hospital in-patient food service, tavern/bar operations etc. ? HINT:  see below for additional help.  1.Look at page 16 Figure 1-3 and locate an industry segment of interest. 2. Locate a corporation that operates in this business segment.  for example ARAMARK, Marriott, Villanova university conference center (Villanova Inn, US Foods (food distribution company), Burger King etc. 3. research that corporation’s web site for career information. 4. write your observations and reactions. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REPORT GUIDELINES: 1. This report ( 650 words) is your second reactions of the hospitality business corporate Web site.  2. Do company research AND include the URL site used in your research.  3. Suggest you consider your possible career choice of the business segment of interest to you as you  explore a segment of the hospitality industry as a career possibility. 4. Use CANVAS to submit    5. Suggest you create a list of questions to help with your  research.  Use  DCCC’s Learning Services (tab on Left), Internet, and the textbook for background information                                                                                    GRADE of report based on the following: 45 – 50 Points (Exemplary) – Student’s paper is excellent, and addresses issues of the selected topic clearly, fully, and completely. Research and writing demonstrate the highest level of consideration and effort; student’s paper is 650 words  in length. College level writing.No spelling issues.   40 – 44 Points (Good) – Student’s paper is good, and demonstrates an above average consideration and effort for the selected topic. All topic issues are addressed, but not as clearly, fully, and completely as exemplary work; student’s paper is 600  words  in length. College level writing.    35 – 39 Points (Satisfactory) – Student’s paper is average, and demonstrates satisfactory consideration for the selected topic. All topic issues are addressed at the basic level. Student reply to the topic may be short and not fully explained; paper may be 500  words in length. College level writing.    < 35 Points (Below Average) – Student’s paper is below satisfactory and is missing critical requirements . Handling of the selected topic  may be missing. The paper is less than 500 words in length.