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Report title: A critical investigation into a business of your choice ( Tesla Motors)

Executive summary needed with content page and bibliography.

Assignment Content
Section A – Introduction to the organization, background to your business, its past performance
and factors that have influenced its performance.

Business Performance – sales, financial data trends, successes and problems and challenges
(if you can find the chairman’s report – usually as part of the company’s annual accounts –
this is a useful resource)

Analysis of Performance – key issues affecting performance – PESTEL factors, Industry
trends and Market Trends, Porter 5 Forces information, SWOT analysis
Section B-
Future Strategy – you only really need to focus on one or two strategies but others can
be linked to them. The key here is to justify your strategy – develop this argument :-

What do you want to achieve?

Why do you want to achieve it?

How you will achieve it?

What your success might depend on?