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Report on how to improve its Entrepreneurial Orientation (2500 words)

Please read the instructions carefully and see the attachment files.  You have to use some of the documents in google drive as references.  1- “EL Assessment Brief” document includes all details about the assignment, Please read it carefully.  2- “How to Write a report” document includes all details about the required layout. 3- “Enterpreneurial Leadership Module Outline” document includes information about the topics studied during the course week by week and learning outcomes to make it easier for you to use references and the layout of the report. 4- I added another “Old assignment” I did before with the professor’s comments to avoid doing the same mistake and know exactly what is needed. 5 It should be Plagiarism Free. 6- Please make sure to demonstrate a deep understanding of the entrpeunirial leadership concept. 7- I will add all files and all other sources to be used as references in a google drive divided by weeks. You can access it through the link: