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reconcilliation statement

We hope that this course has helped you to understand the historical record concerning the relationship between Indigenous and newcomers to this land, the rationale that underlies the policies and actions of new world governments and peoples and the impact of these policies and actions upon Indigenous peoples. Using the model of reconciliation presented in the Newhouse article that has been posted to the course Blackboard within the Final Exam section, please provide a statement of reconciliation that addresses the question: Now that I know, what am I do with all this information? In answering this question, please list and discuss the 4 actions in the Newhouse Model and link your action plan to at least one of the four actions. You should prepare a personal statement that reflects what you will do in the future to support the reconciliation of Indigenous peoples and Canada. In the preparation of your paper, you should draw upon the course material as needed. You should include between 7-9 references to the material that you have read and viewed this term. You should use at least 5 different sources directly from the course material. Wikipedia and all other encyclopedias will not be accepted as sources or reference material. Your personal statement of reconciliation should be approximately 750 words. The word count does not include reference list or the checklist. Papers cannot be longer than 825 words or shorter than 675 words. For papers that fall short of 675 words or exceed 825 words the final mark will be reduced by 10%. The paper must be accompanied by the Check List for Indigenous Studies 1001H papers found in the INDG 1001 Syllabus. This checklist must include the signed ethics declaration confirming that your submission is your work.