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Reality Television

just answer these questions after reading the essay ! Reality Television by Casey Heidecker 1. What does the author reveal about reality television? What aspect of these shows does she help us understand? 2. How does the author’s personal testimony function in this essay? 3. What is a guilty pleasure? Where does the guilt come from? 4. Consider the paragraph about novels. How does the author’s point about literary fiction figure into the broader point about reality television? 5. In paragraph 8, the author integrates a quote by Poniewozik. Explain how the quotation helps support the author’s point about the “reality” of reality television. 6. The author nudges the readers beyond an easy judgment of reality television. Instead, she prompts us to consider the nature of their appeal. What else can be said about the nature of the appeal? Why else do you think millions of viewers tune in to reality television? 7. The author explains that in reality television, “the real and the fabricated are dancing together in our heads.” In your own words, how does this work? How does reality “dance with” the un-real aspects of the shows? 8. Given the author’s points, what do you think the differences are between realism, realistic, and reality television? 9. Of all of the elements of the concept essay, which one is the most underrepresented here? Explain how it should properly be expanded on.