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Read The Black Jacobins Chapter VI

Read The Black Jacobins Chapter VI  Then answer the following questions. 1. Who was Toussaint L’ouverture? What was his social background? 2. How did Toussaint become a French General? 3.  How did the reading portray Toussaint personality and leadership? 4. Who conforms Toussaint’s army? 5. Page 153’s last paragraph reads “the salvation of Saint Domingue lay in the restoration of agriculture.” What did Toussaint mean by that? What was the reaction of the people? 6. Detail the contradictions between Toussaint’s power and the white power, the British and the Spanish? CAN GET BOOK AT: The “Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the Santo Domingo Revolution” (C.L.R. James, Vintage, 1989). $16.20 used on Amazon. Check this site for a free PDF copy of this book