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A 2,000-word Critical Appraisal Report in which you will describe and critically appraise two published research studies, one quantitative and one qualitative, on the same topic. A choice of papers will be provided at the start of the Spring term. The assignment will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of basic research principles, ability to critically evaluate the strength and quality of research using structured appraisal tools, and to assess the relevance of research findings for healthcare practice. It will also enable you to demonstrate your ability to present logical, coherent written arguments, use appropriate terminology and support arguments with additional references identified in a focused literature search. The suggested structure for the Critical Appraisal Report is: • Introduction to the assignment and the topic (approx. 250 words) • Description and critical evaluation of the quantitative paper (approx. 500 words) to include assessment of aims, design, validity, reliability, errors and bias and generalisability • Description and critical evaluation of the qualitative paper (approx 500 words) to include assessment of aims, design, credibility, trustworthiness, transparency and transferability • Comparison section (approx. 500 words) comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of the two papers in terms of philosophy, methods, aims, outcomes and implications for osteopathic practice • Conclusions (approx 250 words) about the contribution of these papers to your understanding of the topic and your knowledge of evidence-informed healthcare practice • Word count: 2,000 +/- 10% (i.e. 1,800 to 2,200 words) • Reference list to include full details of the two papers reviewed and at least THREE additional sources, presented accurately in the Harvard referencing format – see the UCO Guide to Referencing and the additional referencing guidance at The final Reference list is not included in the word count.