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Racism in Texas

Term Paper Requirements For the Term Paper, there are several requirements to the format of this paper: Term Paper must be 10 pages long, double-spaced. Term Paper must be in 12 inch and Times New Roman font. Term Paper must be in APA format and must contain both a cover page and a Works Cited page. These pages are outside of the 10 page requirement.  Term Paper must have, at least, 5 primary sources, and the sources can be textbooks, articles, literature, and web pages (.edu, .org, and google scholar are acceptable and highly recommended – please do not use Wikipedia). I will provide a sample essay of the format in which I am expecting. Please refrain from using “I” often. It is acceptable to use “I” sporadically, but not constantly.   Please adhere to the Course Calendar for due dates of the topic, rough draft, and final draft of the Term Paper. The Term Paper must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion that is similar to the rubric of the discussion and final exam essay in regards to what I am looking for in your Term Paper: relevance to the State of Texas, accountability using sources, thorough and accurate information, etc.