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Quantitative Methods – Excel exercise

This assignment must be done in excel so you must be familiar with using excel. 1. Go to Yahoo Finance and download daily closing data for a stock of your choice for the last year.   2. Now download the daily close for the S&P 500 for the last year   3. Merge these files by date.   4. For stock, calculate the day-over-day percentage return on the stock. Remember to calculate a percentage change you take:   (Closing Price Today – Closing Price Today yesterday)/( Closing Price Today Yesterday)   5. Make the same calculation in #4 for the S&P 500.   6. Construct a time series chart that shows the time paths of both your stock and the S&P 500 returns.   7. Construct a box and whisker chart for this data.   7. Briefly discuss these charts, in particular ask if the stock appears to show more or less volatility (has wider or more narrow swings) in the time series chart, in the box and whisker chart.   9. Print and turn in your charts and the discussion associated with question #9. BELOW YOU CAN FIND A SAMPLE EXERCISE.