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PSY 101: RESEARCH WRITING 3 PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in finding reliable sources of research, accurately summarizing those sources, and applying the results to real world contexts. TASK: You will select a topic in psychology and find two research articles from the library database related to this topic. For each article you will write a summary paragraph that includes the essential information (research questions/hypotheses, description of the sample of participants, description of the methods, summary of main findings/results) and a well-developed paragraph that explains how the findings of the study are important, including how the findings can be applied to real world situations. You will aso start your assignment with a paragraph to introduce the topic of your articles. A title page, in-text citations, and reference page must be included in APA format. Assignments should be written in 12 point font and double-spaced throughout. **Your articles must be uploaded in the dropbox with your assignment to receive credit. TIPS: ● The articles you select must be actual research studies, not just summary articles. If you don’t see sample, methods and results sections in the article, don’t choose it! ● Paraphrase! Check your TurnItIn similarity report after it becomes available in the dropbox. If there are similarity issues, you may be asked to revise or receive a zero on the assignment. ● Avoid using direct quotes. This is an assignment that I want to see completely in your words! ● Avoid choosing articles that are overly complex and difficult to comprehend, such as articles with a lot of scientific jargon. Pick ones that are more accessible for you. ● Use your resources! We have a lot in our D2L research folder and the Writing Studio! Also, review the Library Instruction Slides in the module for help finding articles. TOPIC IDEAS: You are welcome to choose your own topic to research for this assignment. However, if you are feeling stuck, here are some options for you: ● Treatments for a disorder, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, Autism ● Impacts of chronic stress on the brain and body ● Causes/treatments for sleep disorders ● Effective strategies for emotional regulation ● Impact of three levels of analysis on something such as violence, resiliency, depression, etc ● Impacts of traumatic brain injuries/concussionsMEETS STANDARDS APPROACHING STANDARDS BELOW STANDARDS Article Summaries (16 points) The key points of both studies are accurately and concisely summarized in writer’s own words. Includes all required information (questions/hypotheses, sample, methods, findings). (16 points) The studies are summarized and include most of the required information. Some inaccuracies may be present. May be overly detailed or too limited. (12 points) Summaries contain many inaccuracies and/or are missing most of the required information. Articles may not be scholarly studies. (8 points) Explanatory Paragraphs (14 points) Both paragraphs show critical thinking and accurately explain how the findings of the study are important. Include implications for how findings might be used. (14 points) Paragraphs explain the findings of the study, but may lack depth in explaining importance. May not include implications for how the findings can be used. (11 points) Paragraphs are limited in its explanation. May be inaccurate or unrelated to actual findings of the study. Little evidence of critical thinking or implications. (8 points) Introductory Paragraph (4 points) A paragraph at the beginning effectively introduces the topic of the two articles. (4 points) A paragraph at the beginning adequately introduces the topic of the two articles. (3 points) Introductory paragraph ineffectively introduces the topic of the two articles. May be off topic. (2 points) APA & Sources (8 points) Both articles are cited and referenced with correct APA formatting. (8 points) Citations and references are included, but may have some minor errors in formatting. (6 points) In-text citations and/or references are missing or contain significant errors in formatting. (4 points) Title Page (3 points) A title page is included with the title of the paper in bold, student’s name, college name, course name, instructor’s name and date (centered on the page and double spaced). (3 points) A title page is included but is missing some information and/or may include some minor formatting errors. (2 points) Title page is not in APA format. (1 point)SAMPLE TITLE PAGE: Streaming Services and Social Skills Spongebob D. Squarepants Community College of Aurora PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology Dr. Kristen A. Bjork November 4, 2019SAMPLE OUTLINE OF WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED: ● PAGE 1 – TITLE PAGE ● PAGES 2 to 3 – WRITING ○ Paragraph 1 – Introduce your topic ○ Paragraph 2 – Summary of article 1 (Smith & Jones, 2018) ○ Paragraph 3 – Explain why the findings of the articles are important. Include implications. ○ Paragraph 4 – Summary of article 2 (Spears & Aguilera, 2004) ○ Paragraph 5 – Explain why the findings of the articles are important. Include implications. ● PAGE 4 – REFERENCE PAGE SAMPLE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH The days of cable TV and waiting each week for the next episode of your favorite show seem to be waning. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become increasingly popular and the availability of such services is ever increasing. This has led to entertainment access at home that has not been previously known. How is this unlimited streaming of TV and movies impacting our social lives? Are people still going out for social events and interacting with others as much as they have in the past? What does this mean for the development of social skills? Research studies are beginning to explore this relationship