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Provide feedback to student on quality initiative

You are going to provide feedback for a student on how to better complete a Quality Initiative business case based on the information she provided thus far (attached here). Please provide positive feedback on what she did so far and provide advise as to how she should move forward in creating her financial statement, and ROI analysis and other elements seen in the instructions here below.  For your reference, here is the assignment below. Write the advise in the form of a discussion post/or letter to the student.  Identify a quality improvement initiative in the form of a business proposal and develop the business case for this improvement. This should include an initiative to assist a non-profit healthcare organization to improve its effectiveness in decreasing hospital admissions and emergency room usage for medicaid patients that have diabetes and hypertension  The organization that you are creating the proposal for is charged with providing counseling, and social services to people who have medicaid and use  The business case can be as simple as a return on investment or the improvement of a key metric. Use the attached documents to learn how to  include a spreadsheet in financial reward, or financial impact. This should include a quality improvement project that the leadership of the organization has to implement for their employees. Explain what the workflow will look like, what metrics will be used and how will they be measured. The proposal should be in word format but the financial statement explaining the benefits of it should be done in excel. The proposal should also include:   The costs incurred to develop the intervention. 2. The continuing costs of operating the intervention over time. 3. The effect on paid claims, revenues, and other quantifiable financial benefits or costs that accrue to the organization that implemented the intervention. Surprisingly, a review of the literature [6] found that organizations frequently were able to report on the savings or other benefits of a quality intervention, but did not report (and perhaps did not know) what the intervention cost to develop and to operate over time. The return on investment template has been developed to assist you in collecting and managing these data. Things to Consider Before Undertaking a Business Case Analysis 1. The evidence that the QEI improves quality. If you implemented a QEI that clearly did not achieve your quality goals and would not likely be used again by your organization, then there is little sense in engaging in an analysis of the return on investment for that particular QEI. 5 2. The complexity of the intervention. It is very difficult to analyze the business case for interventions that are not well-defined, do not have a specific starting date, or that are not targeted at a specific population. 3. The sufficiency of your information systems. Analyzing the business case for quality requires claims and accounting data that may not be routinely collected or reported by your organization. The data must be available, and your information systems must have the capacity to produce special reports. A detailed checklist for determining readiness for business case analysis, and a lengthy discussion of the methods in developing a business case for quality can be found elsewhere.  The  entire proposal should be no more than 8 pages not including references. References used should be from peer reviewed journals and in Turabian (9th-edition format)