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Prostitution and Crime in American Society

Suppose you are developing a sociological research study focusing on crime and deviance. Select one of the following forms of deviance in American society and answer the questions below in 3-4 pages, typed and double-spaced: 3) Prostitution   Questions:   1) Which research method would you use to conduct this study? How would you go about collecting data? (Chapters 1 and2) 2) What would be the focus of your research study? What are the important research themes and questions in your proposed study? In developing this focus, be sure to include at least THREE of the following items: A) Discuss the role of culture. (Chapter 3) C) Discuss the role of social interaction and/or social structure. (Chapter 4) E) Discuss the role of social class inequality (Chapter 9)  *Be sure to incorporate relevant terms and concepts from the chapters and/or specific findings from the supplemental readings.   3) Which theoretical perspective would you use to study this form of deviance? Explain. (Chapters 1 and 2; Chapter 7) 4) Based on your responses to items #2 and #3, what would you expect to find in conducting this research study?