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Professional Hospitality Journal Article Review

A minimum of 3-pages (single-spaced, 12 point font) for each article reviewed. The article review should thoroughly address each of three points listed below:  1. Summarize the relevant points of the article (list and explain the major and minor points made by the author). 2. How could you apply the elements of the article to you becoming an effective leader (How could this article be used to help make you a better leader)? 3. How you feel about the article (What is your reaction to the article—Do you agree/disagree with it and why)? express yourself in a way that shows some level of mastery in understanding Leadership theory, subject, assignment, or topics. Second, I will look for habits of the mind. Specifically, I will look to your ability to express yourself by proposing creativity and, where appropriate, multiple solutions or plans. Third, I will look for you to go past the generalities of the theory, subject, assignment, or topic and delve into the complexities of the content and what it means to you. Fourth, and finally, I will look for an assignment that is professionally thought-through and presented with craftsmanship using care to address each one of the questions in appropriate detail. Sample Academic and Practitioner Journals in Tourism and Hospitality: 1.     Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 2.     International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 3.     International Journal of Hospitality Management 4.     Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research   Sample Generic Academic and Practitioner Journals: (Listed alphabetically.) 1.     Academy of Management Journal 2.     Administrative Science Quarterly 3.     Harvard Business Review 4.     Strategic Management Journal