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Product sustainability ratings on Amazon, Walmart, and Costco Websites

Deliverable: managerial memo to your boss at Consumer Reports (a magazine) regarding the extent to which sustainability issues are featured or not featured as part of the product selection decision making on the online shopping websites for Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. This review does not include their corporate sites – only the sites consumers normally see when they shop online. Following this analysis, your boss wants you detail your thoughts on ways that each retailer could do more to provide information regarding the sustainability of products listed for sale on their sites. One or more may already be doing everything they can but this is unlikely. Remember that the challenge for these retailers is three-fold: 1) getting the information, 2) using a fair and transparent rating system; and 3) incorporating that information into their websites.   This means that following your review of the sites as requested by your boss, you will then conduct secondary research regarding ways that the three retailers could do more to help inform their customers on the sustainability (e.g., in terms GHG emissions, pollution, fair trade) of alternative product/brand choices. To produce a report that is helpful to your boss, you’re going to have to find articles that provide examples of the kinds of steps Amazon, Walmart, and Costco could take to address the 3 challenges mentioned above. You could also look for examples of retailing websites that already provide this type of information and use those as examples in your report. Finally, you can get creative and offer your own recommendations based on your analyses of their sites, articles, and other sites. But, those recommendations should be realistic and evidence-based.