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Principles of Events Management

Students will submit an individual report on one of the events below. 1. Ludlow Food Festival 2. Mid-Autumn Festival – Chinese Moon Festival 3. Cannes Film Festival 4. Edinburgh Festivals The report is to present a snapshot of the event from its existence, current times & future of the event. The report needs to be between 1,500-1,800 words. You can include images, graphs & figures within your work. In order to do this successfully you will have to carry out extensive research across a range of sources and then be highly selective about your choice of documents for inclusion in your report. IMPORTANT – The report needs to include a minimum of 12-15 academic references which can include – academic books, journal papers, magazine articles, excerpts from books, news-paper articles, government documents/reports, web pages etc. Suggested areas of focus are; Trends – Size – Variation – History – Impacts – Innovation & Technology – Objectives – Programmes – Challenges – Tourism – Costings – Anthropology – Social Aspects – Future – Classifications This report must be written in your own words, is fully referenced using the APA technique and have accurate grammar / spelling. 20% Structure and presentation of portfolio 20% Integration of sufficient appropriate sources to address the topic 20% Accuracy of citations/referencing, including ref list 20% Standard of grammar, spelling and language 20% Cohesion and clarity of discussion