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Prejudice, Discrimination, and the Psychological Impact

watch the music video depicting the life of Mona Mamudnizhad and read the provided information on her, as well as that of the persecution of the Baha’i people in Iran.  Then using your online college library and/or Google Search Engine, search for another persecuted group of individuals (NOT here in the US – let’s expand our world knowledge) for example Bosnian Genocide; Rwandan Genocide; etc.  You can use one of these two that I listed, but I encourage you to really dig for one that you find.  Once you have your selected group, you will now compare and contrast Mona and the Baha’i Faith in Iran, to your selected group. Connect similarities between the groups, and then discuss how there is a potential for ripple effects in communities conforming against the other, and what do you think the psychological impact might be on those directly in the community (those being persecuted, and those on the outside looking in)?