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Pre-Class Assignment

Please read the following carefully before start your assignment: 1.      Each question is worth 10 points.   2.      The purpose of the assignment is to help you get familiar with key concepts of finance and to guide you to read the textbook before coming to class.                           i.      The assignment asks you to “use your own words”—you need to read the textbook, UNDERSTAND the concepts, and use your own words to answer questions.                         ii.      Please make sure you read the textbook—your answers should be based on the textbook, not other online sources.                       iii.      TurnItIn will detect similarity, you will receive a grade of zero if your answer has high similarity to previous TWU answers or other online sources.                       iv.      It is possible you receive a high similarity number: I will ignore the similarity in the “question” part and only look at your answers.   3.      Please write all your answers after Type your answers below:, Please do not change the format of this assignment.   4.      Absolutely NO late submission will be accepted.   5.      Submit on Moodle “Pre-class Assignment”. Name your submission as A1_LastName_FirstName (e.g. A1_Liu_Chen) Your assignment grade will be deducted by 10% with a wrong file name.