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Postgraduate Research Proposal – Mental Health Impacts of Physical Health Disasters

Assignment Brief This assignment requires you to formulate and submit a full research proposal which will evolve and become your individual programme dissertation. Your chosen topic must be relevant to your academic programme of study. Discussion will allow you to formatively develop your ideas before submission. To meet the requirements of this assignment a focus is placed on the development of the core research questions to pose and methodology proposed to answer those questions: – You will identify and precisely articulate a research issue or problem which you wish to investigate within your academic programme. The proposal will evaluate a range of suitable methods to answer your overall research aim and a set of clearly defined and justified research questions. The assignment will be delivered in the format as described below: (a)   Working title. Articulation of a clear overarching research question, problem, or hypothesis. (b)   Introduction  (c)   Literature summary. This should be a summary of the core literature linking the question/problem/topic to the wider subject literature via a critical review. This must provide justification for undertaking the study outlined and feed the overarching research aim and defined research questions. This section is not a critical literature review but a summary of the core literature supporting the research questions. It should be no greater than 500 words. (d)   Your research questions. An overarching research objective with a short, precise list of research questions. These should clearly arise from a critical review of the current knowledge base iterated in the literature summary and develop a bridge to the methodology. (e)     Methodology. An appropriate, feasible and critically assessed methodology to achieve the overarching aim and answer the defined questions. It will include:            i.  Critical appraisal of chosen methodological approaches, including advantages and   disadvantages of each in the context of answering the research questions and clearly justify the reasons for your choice of method(s).          ii.  Overview of approaches to be employed in the analysis of the results, including details of techniques, as appropriate.        iii.  A critique of the data to be collected, its potential for error and its level of integrity. (f)       Ethics & Positionality. In relation to the identified research topic, questions raised, and methodology presented this section will critically evaluate and identify any potential ethical issues raised. It will define the individual’s positionality and make a critical assessment of how that positionality interacts with the proposed research methods. A good proposal will display the following features: A  clear academic structure seeking a flow of information between sections. A clearly defined overall research aim for your proposed investigation. A clearly defined and formatted set of research questions that are capable of being operationalised and achieving the overarching aim. A critically assessed set of research methodologies and techniques suited to answering the research questions individually and collectively, and thus in turn the overall research aim. A critically assessed set of analytical techniques to maximise the content and impact of collected data. Marking of the proposal will be broken down as follows: Working title & Introduction – 5%. Literature review – 10% Research questions – 45% Methodology – 40% Core information: Currently approved questions – The Rise of Social Capital in Pandemic Britain The mental health impacts of a physical pandemic (Current approved question to go forward with) Mental health – the hidden pandemic rising from a physical pandemic Physical disasters are not just physical anymore. Topic of proposal and discussion: Mental health and the imapct a physical pandemic such as Coronavirus can have on individuals mental health. Look at things such as community engagement and social capital. Look at social geography, the impact of losing individuals with a large prescene in a community as well as suriviours guilt among other things.  Some of the methodolgy that will be utilised is engaging with local communities, suverys and examiniation of data from local councils, public health England, NHS England and other government data sources. Attached you will find the previous assignment targeted at defining my personal methodology and my ethics but this is only to provide UNDERSTANDING not to be COPIED.