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Create a digital portfolio using Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, or any other similar software. Create a slide for each action, in the respective slide post the reflection, and picture(s) if required. The title of each slide should identify the name of the action and the number of points earning based on the Civic Action Scorecard.  Click here for a sample portofolio link updated on 02/18/2021 In the cover slide, please include the total points completed (note this is not shown in the provided sample).  Click the following link for the Civic Action Scorecard.  Reflection Types and Requirements: Select one of the reflection types for each reported civic action: Written: 200 to 400 words Recorded: 2 to 3 minutes of video or audio (include audio link in the slide)  Crafted: one art piece crafted as 2D art, 3D art, performance art, etc (consult with the professor for this option)