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Portfolio Milestone

Submit a one-page summary about the organization you have chosen for your interview and prepare a list of APA formatted scholarly references that you plan to use in your research. Use the CSU Global Writing Center  (Links to an external site.)  to format your entries.  You have been asked to serve as an HR Consultant and conduct an organizational analysis of HRM practices in an organization of your choice: Choose an organization that you are interested in learning more about. Make arrangements to conduct a 30-minute interview with the HR Manager/Director/VP of that organization by phone, in person, or via email. Prepare a list of 10-15 questions for the interview that are related to the primary functional areas of HR, such as recruiting, legal/EEO compliance, compensation, benefits, performance management, reward systems, training, and development. As part of your preparations for the interview, research best practices in each of those functional areas and how they align with organizational strategy and success. Be prepared to ask follow-up questions based on the answers provided by your interviewee. If you are conducting your interview via email, you should ask at least 5 to 7 follow-up questions in order to engage more fully in a dialogue with your interviewee. Carefully consider how your initial list of questions might create these opportunities for further discussion. Upon the completion of your interview, write a consulting report to the CEO that compares the existing state of the organization to best practices in HRM. Include your interview questions in your report. As part of the consulting report to the CEO, develop and present recommendations for necessary changes and/or additions to current practices in the organization. Rubric