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Politics of Philippines Research Proposal

Please submit your research proposal in this receptacle. Please make sure that your proposal is either in a pdf or doc file, and upload your file submission here. Make sure that you identify your research topic, explain why your research inquiry of this topic is important, and include your annotated bibliography with at least five distinct sources. Explore the Philippine Political System as it has gone through a transformation since the mid-1980s, after the People Power Revolution and the subsequent downfall of the Ferdinand Marcos regime. This course will investigate the moral struggles of achieving democracy, maintaining political stability, mitigating social inequality, and presidential leadership and management.  This course will analyze the impact of social class, language, education, and values on democratization, governance, and domestic policy.   +identify the structure and operation of the Philippine political system+understand how the traditions in comparative politics apply to the Philippines +construct and evaluate analytical arguments and write clear prose about this topic +identify and gather information from credible primary and secondary sources about this topic +recognize assumptions and devise basic research designs, test questions, arguments, and hypotheses with qualitative and/or quantitative methods +develop an understanding of the importance of engaging in politics and a realization of political competence+understand both theoretically and practically the values of citizenship and it beneficial consequences