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Policy Paper Proposal

Policy Paper Policy Paper Preparation Assignment This is the first of two assignments designed to get you started on, and prepared for, the policy term paper. The proposal is worth 30 points. Policy Paper Proposal In this assignment, you will present a brief proposal for your policy paper and how you will address major required elements of the policy paper. All required desciprions in A-E must be paraphrased in your own words. The assignment, which should be at least two pages, will include: A Specific Topic : describe what aspect of public education you would like to improve throug policy (e.g., greener schools, arts curriculum., professional development training for teachers with respect to technology; bilingual education; etc.) 1. The topic should be clear, concise, and specifc (e.g., improve academic achievement is a broad, general statement; PE is vague) 2. ________/2 B. A 3- to 5-sentence summary of the policy you will propose 1. The summary should describe: (a) the problem to be addressed (e.g., children suffer academically when funding for the arts are cut); (b) the focus of the policy (e.g., the require schools to use the arts to teach different subjects such that students receive arts education across the curriculum; and (c) the goals you want to achieve with the policy (e.g., infusing the arts throughout the curriclum will increase student engagement, improve achievement in math, literacy, and science, and enhance students creativity) 2. ________/3 The next two components of the paper require you to use information literacy skills; specifically you will need to find credible and reliable sources for a scholarly/academic audidence. To help prepare you, watch the following video but don’t submit this information – it is background information: 1. Authority is constructed and contextual : As you search for sources for statistics (C ) and existing policies (D) you will need to examine the following information in mind about the web sources you are looking for: Authority, Accuracy/Quality, Coverage, Credibility, Currency, Objectivity, Purpose, Relevance, and Reliability. C. A 2- to 3-sentence description of the kinds statistics you will can use to show the policy you propose is needed. 1. Statistics can show data about child outcomes that are suboptimal (e.g., achievement, behavioral problems/referrals, college readiness); program gaps (e.g., percent of schools without X curriculum or Y type of personnel); resource gaps (e.g., percent of schools without access to science labs or ipads) or suboptimal practices (e.g., direct instruction, out-of-school suspensions), or something unique to your policy 2. The description should incude an explanation of why these statistics show a need for your policy. 3. Two examples of (a) a source of information for the statistics (e.g.,; and (b) a sample statistic (e.g., in 2015, 68.9% of schools in the US reported some form of violent incident on the school grounds) 4. ________/4 D. List two existing policies and a reference or link for the policies 1. Describe the policy in 2 sentences (e.g., FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students’ educational records: 2. In one or two sentences describe potential strengths and weaknesses with the existing policy 1 (e.g., schools can disclose without parent/student consent educational records to state and local authorities associated with the juvenile justice system; a strength is that students and parents can request corrections be made to the record if they believe it is inaccurate). 3. ________/6 As you prepare to search for research articles for part (E), watch the following video but don’t submit this information – it is background information: Searching as strategic exploration : You will want to articulate and clarify your information need. You may find the following steps useful: 1. Based on your topic, write a basic research question. (e.g. What is the effect of assigning homework on children’s achievement and motivation?) 2. Use your research question to create a brief list of search terms, synonyms, and related words that can be used to search for information. (e.g. homework, elementary school, achievement, academic success, motivation.) 1 In the actual paper you will use research and statistics to provide evidence for why these are problems within existing policy, for the proposal think critically and draw on your knowledge from class materials to look at the strengths and weaknesses in existing policy. E. Provide an annotated bibliography for 6 (six) peer-reviewed empirical research studies (published in the last 10 years) which demonstrate (1) why the lack of the proposed policy leads to negative outcomes for students and/or (2) why having the proposed policy would be beneficial. 1. Provide the full APA formatted reference 2. Describe the study goals/hypotheses 3. Describe the participants 4. Describe the indpendent (predictor) and dependent (outcome) variables(measures) 2 5. Describe, accurately and concisely, the results that are directly relevant (i.e., support) your policy proposal 6. Describe how and why these results show the need for your proposed policy 7. ________/15