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policy memo (China)

Length: 2 pages total; references may be an additional page Format: single-spaced with bold headings & space between paragraphs Font: Calibri or Times New Roman, 10-12 pt Citation: APA in-text citations with reference list  Submission: On Canvas, in Microsoft Word or PDF format  DO NOT SUBMIT OTHER FORMATS SUCH AS PAGES OR GOOGLE DOCS The memo must include the following sections: Description of the policy. Analysis of the policy. What are its strengths & weaknesses? Would you recommend adopting this policy in another country)? Why or why not?  Are there reasons that this policy would/would not work well in the country in which you are considering recommending it?   (Here you may use the U.S. or another country that you know something about.  Choose a country at a similar level of economic develoment to the first country.) Reference list – 1 page at the end, may be an additional 3rd page. You must include a minimum of three sources not assigned for this class. Sources:  Class Material and Your Own Research:  The paper will be evaluated on how well you provide evidence describing the policy and supporting your analysis. If you are writing about a country & topic we have discussed, you should use class material and supplement it with at least three other sources that truly add something to our understanding.  If you choose a different country, you will need to have as many sources as necessary to complete the assignment.  Provide full APA format citations for these sources and make sure they are published by a reputable organization.   Provide citations: When using someone else’s words, use quotation marks.  When using someone else’s idea or providing information that is not general knowledge (including data), cite your source using APA citation format – in-text citations with a reference list at the end.  This lends credibility to your work and avoids plagiarism, which is presenting someone else’s words or ideas as your own.   Instructions for citation formats can be found here (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)