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Directions: For this CSC Final, you will be incorporating all of the ideas, resources and advice you’ve learned throughout this development course to help the next incoming Laurus College student.  Complete and submit all 7 sections using the portal Online Text box or by uploading a Word document.  You will then create and present a “Learner’s Guide to New Laurus College Students” using PowerPoint (or other presentation program), a video recording, or a live class presentation discussing all the major points.  If using presentation slides (such as PowerPoint), be sure to include images or graphics to enhance your information, and cite all materials used that aren’t your own! Address all questions in each section throughout your presentation.  However, you do not need to include the questions on your slides or recording presentation. Section 1: Introduction Who are you? What program are you in? Tell us a little about your Laurus journey so far! Section 2:  Resources  What tools and resources are available to you as a student at Laurus College to help you succeed? Who are contacts to help you along this journey? What resources are available on the website, on the portal, and in person? What are the major ways a Laurus student will communicate throughout their time at Laurus? What are the most important tools and opportunities they can utilize to effectively communicate with faculty or staff members? Section 3: Learning about yourself Why is knowing your learning style important for a new or returning college student? List 3 Examples of how to apply one’s learning style at school or work for success. What sort of obligations in a student’s life will need to be balanced while attending Laurus College? What is a locus of control? How does knowing your personal locus of control help students navigate through their education or at work? What are the different types of motivators that can encourage new students to persevere through their classes? What is a SWOT analysis? Why is a tool that can potentially help a new student? Section 4: Sticking to the plan What did you learn about time management? How will this be important for new students? What challenges or obstacles can make it hard to schedule and manage your workload? What leadership skills would you recommend a Laurus student work on to ensure a more successful experience at school and work? Why? Section 5: The professional environment How can a Laurus student demonstrate professionalism throughout their program at Laurus College? What are some examples you’ve demonstrated? How can networking help a Laurus student through their program, and in their future career paths?  What are some tools or resources that can help them through this process? Section 6: Additional tips and advice What are some things you wish you knew before starting at Laurus College? What have you found to be the most useful tool or resource to help you through your class? What have you liked so far and what have you struggled with? What additional tips or advice can you offer a prospective student? Any closing messages you want to include. Section 7: Citations Include URLs for any images, graphics or information you used (I.e.: additional resources, Laurus website, etc.) your sources!