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Photography Term Project

Write a research paper of 1750 words minimum about a photograph by one of the photographers listed below. Select a second work, this one by an artist who worked in another medium (not photography), that you believe is a good comparison to the photograph that you have selected. The work may be a painting, sculpture, print, song, poem, play or movie. Compare and contrast the two works. Photographers Diane Arbus Bill Brandt Harry Callahan Richard Avedon Man Ray William Mortensen John Baldessari Cindy Sherman Ed Ruscha Julia Margaret Cameron Andy Warhol Lewis Baltz William Eggleston Edward Weston Edward Steichen Lewis Hine Moholy-Nagy Garry Winogrand Weegee Irving Penn Hans Bellmer Ralph Meatyard Duane Michals Dorothea Lange (Please only choose one of the photographers above and one other artist from a different medium such as painter or a ceramicist) Be certain to include the following (I will look for these when I grade): Biographical information concerning the photographer Description of the selected photograph Interpretation of the photograph’s meaning and/or importance – include contextual information (personal, political, social or world events) Biographical information on the other artist (this can be somewhat brief) Description of the other artwork that you selected Interpretation of the other artwork’s meaning and/or importance Explain how these two works are related – devote more words to this as it is the essence of the project. Include two images – one of the photograph and one of the other artwork Upload your paper as a Word document or PDF. Please write in 12 point type, double spaced (or 1.5 line spaces), on a white background. Sources of Information Select your sources carefully! Be certain that they are authentic and trustworthy, such as museums, major newspapers and magazines, universities and colleges. Citations Whenever you use an idea that is not your own, quote or paraphrase the writing of someone else, you must cite it. You may use online sources, but NOT Wikipedia. I recommend sources such as museum websites, college and university websites, or other institutional sources. To cite your references, use the Chicago Manual of Style to create either footnotes or endnotes. Most papers will include around ten citations. Do not include a bibliography. You do NOT need to cite widely known information, such as the birth or death dates of an artist.