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Persuasive Essay

Week 5 Formal Essay Compose a persuasive essay (500-word minimum) that responds to the article by Cal Thomas, “Power to the People 2.0” and that meets the requirements below.  In the first paragraph of your essay, focus your underlined thesis on and specifically address the author’s quotation by the late Barbara Bush (highlighted in light green) relative to ensure that our children receive a solid education. In addition to any other part of the Thomas article, your essay must specifically address the passages highlighted in green. CAUTION: Do not simply re-tell or provide an analytical discourse or synopsis about what Thomas wrote. Assume that the audience has read his article. Your job is to write about what Thomas wrote, not just to repeat what Thomas wrote. Two sources must be used: the Williams source and an online source that supports your thesis. This assignment is intended to be societal, not political. PARAGRAPH REQUIREMENT: The paragraph requirement for Formal Essay assignments is introductory paragraph, a minimum of three body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. Paragraph divisions provide transition, clarity, and organization to an essay. PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT: Paragraph development: In journalistic and some other styles of writing, a paragraph can be just about anything that the writer composes as long as it effectively holds the reader’s attention. A paragraph in EH 1301 and EH 1302 must be attention-getting, but more structured, consisting of a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. QUOTATION REQUIREMENT: When you review the model essay in the “Handouts” section, notice that there is one short, direct quotation (from research) in the paper. Most of the writing in the paper is created by the student, not quoted from another source.  Do not submit essays or a research paper in which a large part is quoted material. I want your writing based on your research. This assignment requires two direct quotations from the Thomas source and one direct quotation from an additional source that supports your thesis. Each quotation must be at least two complete lines of text but not more than four lines of text, placed in separate paragraphs, and must pertain to the content of that paragraph. Any source used must cite an author (both first and last name) and must be dated (minimum month and year). Copyright years are not acceptable as dates. Quotations may never be included in the introductory or concluding paragraphs. Those paragraphs should be exclusively yours, not something quoted or paraphrased from the reading assignment or other sources. This Formal Essay assignment quotations may not include more than twelve lines of text, accumulative. No matter how many times an author’s name is used in the narrative, an in-text citation must be provided for each quotation in this course. Instructors in other courses might provide different instructions about that. One full citation for each source must be constructed on the Works Cited page. POINT OF VIEW: Compose the essay by using the third-person point of view of a parent of an elementary (first through fifth grade) or middle school (sixth through eighth grade) student. NOTE: Provide a given and first name for that parent in every paragraph. Read MLA guidance below about the use of names in an essay. When referring to a person’s name the first time in an essay, use the first and last name (Example: Eve Goodell). Use the last name for any subsequent references to that same person (Example: Goodell). Remember, you are writing about the third person, not as the third person, and the third person must be clear in each paragraph. Do not create another third person in the essay. AVOID: Do whatever is needed to avoid steering your essay into the theory of utilitarianism. IN-TEXT CITATIONS: No matter how many quotations are used in an EH 1302 essay, an in-text citation must be provided with that quotation even when the author’s name is used to introduce that quotation. This requirement is specific to this course. Other instructors’ guidance may differ. On a Works Cited page, cite both sources. The URL for the Thomas source is located at the bottom of the reading. Make sure that the text of your essay includes in-text citations for both sources.