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Persuasive Essay on a very short story

PLEASE DO NOT REUSE THE SAME WORDS IN THE PAPER (i.e. therefore), I’ve seen a lot of writers like to do that on here. Please use synonyms if you want to reuse them. Of all the short stories by Souvankham Thammavongsa we’ve read this semester, which one do you think is the best example of good literary short fiction? Write a persuasive essay of at least 900 words to explain your choice. (Do not compare and contrast stories. Just choose ONE story to write about.) In writing your response, do not merely express your subjective opinion. I am not asking which story is your own personal favorite. In other words, you should be as objective as possible and keep your audience in mind. Your job is to persuade your readers, through reasoned analysis, to consider and ultimately accept your judgment about the story’s quality. This is the kind of work literary journalists, reviewers, and critics do. They don’t just pass judgement. They also explicate, educate, and try to persuade. As always, you should clearly illustrate each of your main points by connecting them to specific details from the story. How? Use apt quotes. Avoid vague generalities; and take this opportunity to use the specific terms and ideas. Remember to revise revise revise for clarity; and please try your best to write in clear, simple, accurate, straightforward, and fully grammatical sentences. Good sentence writing is essential. Without this firm foundation, nothing else will stand.  Short stories to choose from (stories are in the file attached, only write about one): “Paris” “Slingshot”  “Randy Travis”  “Mani Pedi” “The School Bus Driver”  “Picking Worms”