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Persecution of capitalism

Your assignment is to compose an original argument that analyzes the common ideas or themes discussed within the readings you select. Use THREE (3) readings from the following below:   Said, Edward, “Orientalism.” Ho, Soleil, “Craving the Other” Jose, F. Sionil, “The God-Stealer.” Lu Xun, “Diary of a Madman.” Toge Sankichi, “Poems of the Atomic Bomb.” And ONE (1) outside reading or research source covering a different area or culture that you think helps extends upon your analysis.   Prompt:   Your essay should explore the concerns of people/culture for the specific writers as a whole (across all the readings you have selected). As a part of your argument, consider how concerns of culture reflect the political, social, and/or historical circumstances in which the authors are exploring. Even as these works originate from different time and places, your job is to find thematic commonalities or even explore the differences that have. For example, some suggested areas of exploration include responses to foreign intervention, colonization/imperialism, consumerism and commodification, appropriation, and notions of authenticity. Finally, you need to bring in one additional reading or concrete support based on outside research (separate from what we have already discussed) to illustrate how you can extend the common theme that you have found.