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patient care project

The paper should include; The name of the assigned medication is amlodipine(brand name and chemical name). 2. Structure of the drug indicating stereochemistry where appropriate. 3. Structure of a primary metabolite and indication of the type of metabolic reaction involved in its formation. 4. Using LexiComp, identify the pharmacologic category for the assigned medication. 5. Physicochemical properties of the drug (e.g., pKa, MW, lipophilicity, solubility, logP). 6. Characteristics of the product (e.g., salt form, excipient—buffer or solubilizing agents, osmolality if it is a solution, suspension) and explanation of the dosage form used.  The following structure is preferred I. Introduction: briefly state the therapeutic problem addressed and describe the connection of this assignment to the pharmacist-patient care process and the care of your patient.( The patient has hypertension and is prescribed amlodipine 5mg daily) The introduction section should not exceed half a page. II. Drug chemistry: drug structure (in a figure), drug physicochemical properties. III. Dosage form, available strengths, system and method of use, pharmaceutical technology, and rationales of the dosage form and administration route. IV. References: references should be cited in the text and listed at the end of the paper. Use AMA style referencing