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Part 1 – Preliminary Research and Topic Selection

Possible topics: Crime and mental illness, free will Please read the instructions in the uploaded file. Let me know if you need a NYT account. Please submit: –  A link to the New York Times article you selected –  A one-paragraph summary that introduces the article’s author, title, thesis, and key ideas. Use only your own words for this (no quotations). –  One paragraph in which you paraphrase a part of the essay that you think is most interesting and/or important for you essay topic AND explain how the idea/s you are paraphrasing form this author can relate to the topic you want to research and discuss for your essay assignment. In other words, what’s one important thing the author said and how/why did it lead you to selecting this article and this topic for your essay? –  One paragraph that contains a specific direct-quote (use quotation marks) from the article AND your explanation of the context, the significance, and your response ideas about it. Create a source sandwich! –  6 research questions (related to the topic you have chosen), the answers to which could become an arguable thesis statement for your essay.