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Paper Virtual Music Critique

Watch the five provided musical performances and write a music critique. Specific format as follows Introduction Paragraph:  In this paragraph, introduce what you are writing about.  Are you writing about music from a variety of musical periods or just one musical period?  Name the period(s) the music comes from.   Body:  Write a separate paragraph about each piece/song performed and include the following information in each paragraph:  What is the song title/composer if that is provided?  What musical period was it written in?  You may need to do a little research.  Use MUSICAL TERMINOLOGY to describe the texture and instrumentation of the music(be sure to include whether it is a solo performer, full orchestra, small ensemble etc.  and what types of instruments are used).    Use MUSICAL TERMINOLOGY to describe the musical elements of the pieces.  Include things like tempo and dynamics.  What is your overall impression of the piece?  You will have a separate paragraph for each of the 5 listening assignments in the video. Closing Paragraph:  Talk about your overall impression of the concert as a whole.  Is this a style of music you would normally listen to?  What did you like/dislike about the concert?  Do you think it would have been better had you been able to see the concert in person?