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Paper V: Final Paper

Instructions for Paper V: Final Paper (Worth 30 Points) 1. Title Page: I expect the following format a. This Title Page section will be one (1) page in proper APA format 2. Abstract NEW SECTION a. The Abstract starts on its own page, with the word Abstract centered (not bolded). b. Make sure your header and page number is still on this abstract page. c. The abstract should be between 150 and 200 words, and must include ALL of the following elements i. Identify your general problem or research question ii. Note your participants iii. Note your experimental method iv. Note your findings for both studies v. Note your conclusions about the studies as a whole d. Keywords / phrases are required for your paper (at least 5 keywords or phrases) 3. General Discussion NEW SECTION a. Write the word General Discussion at the top of this section and center it. This section comes directly after the Abstract, but starts on its own page. b. At the beginning of this section, give a brief reminder of your predictions from both study one and study two. Then provide a discussion of your results. In English (not statistics), tell me what you found. In this discussion, you should talk about all of the following: i. An explanation of your findings – across both studies, did your results support or not support your hypothesis? 1. If you found support, tie it in with the prior research you cited in your literature review as well as your predictions. You may want to refer back to your literature review, and re-cite some of the studies you mentioned there (I really recommend that, in fact!). 2. If you didn’t find any support for your hypotheses, contrast your findings with prior research. You can highlight differences in your methodologies. You may also find other studies that either support your results or help explain why you found what you found. 3. If one study found support and the other did not, try to explain the discrepancy. PAPER V: FINAL PAPER INSTRUCTIONS 5 4. In a nutshell, tell me how both studies help inform the reader about the nature of your variables and how they impact human behavior. ii. Next, examine study limitations – would other methods have been better? Were there problems with your study that a follow-up study should fix? iii. Propose future directions for research – If you could do your studies over again, what would you change? Or how might you expand them? iv. Optional: Talk about the ethics of your study – Did you follow ethical guidelines? Were participants harmed in any manner c. The general discussion section must have minimum of one (1) full page of text and a maximum of three (3) pages. If it is only one pages, it better be very, very good! I actually expect to see closer to two pages 4. Overall writing quality a. Make sure you check your paper for proper spelling and grammar. The FIU Writing Center and the Center for Academic Success are available if you want someone to look over your paper (an extra eye is always good!) and give you advice. Other Guidelines for Paper V: The Final Paper ▪ 1). Pay attention to the page length requirements ▪ 2). Page size is 8 1/2 X 11” with all 4 margins set at on inch on all sides. You must use a 12-point Times New Roman font. Double space EVERYTHING ▪ 3). PLEASE use a spell checker to avoid unnecessary errors. Proofread everything you write. I actually recommend reading some sentences aloud to see if they flow well, or getting family or friends to read your work. ▪ Finally, go look at the supporting documents for this paper. Like prior papers, there is a checklist, a grade rubric, and an example paper for Paper V. All will give you more information about what we are specifically looking for as well as a visual example of how to put it all together in your paper. Good luck