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One Page Statement of your Professional Goals in Nursing

Hi this is admission one page statement of professional goals in nursing. And just to be in help, i will give you some detail info. 1. up until i was twenty years old, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be and after I was diagnosed with cancer, the nurse who took great care of me, she made me the interest of nursing field. 2. work experience from imaging center, i was able to shadowing the breast biopsy procedures and seeing how nurses communicate with the doctors, technicians, patients made me think the importance of their duties and their words to the patient also means a lot to the patient. I realized nurses to do make changes in other’s lives. 3. I want to mention, as we still phasing the covid-19, I realized the importance of their works by risking their own lives and they are doing their duty as a nurse and being help of other’s lives. I would like to be hurry up and be their position.