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Object Oriented System Design Tech related business plan

•Question 1 • List Of Actors . These are those who will also participate in the swim lane diagram. •Question 2 •Submit a Swim Lane diagram. Give the diagram a title to show what the sequence of events are for. •Question 3 •Submit a list of functions and requirements. Use the List of Actors and the swim Lane Diagram to create this list.   ******Instructor feedback, follow very  carefully**** •As we talked in class you need to analyze a tech system. will be some tech portion. For example( an interface, a database, a data transfer, messaging, acknowledgment, authentication) •We are to analyze a tech system. We need tech actors •the swimlane can show both tech and non tech action •The Actors, the Swimlane and the List of Functions all have to be pointing to what system you are analyzing and what changes are required for you as the analyst to do. •This analysis you have will benefit from becoming more tech centric – by you analyzing the Tech system behind the process. •Example – I dot not see any tech system actor in the Actor list you have here. Only human / manual work type of actors. •Also, please use the swmilane method we talked in class, as that is the simplest way you can begin the UML analysis, which is imp for this coursework.