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CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT For this paper I want you to interview 2-3 people and ask them about their perception of crime and disorder in your neighborhood. You will use quotations from those interviews in your article. So think about a newspaper article, maybe look a few up so you can see how they are written and formatted – this assignment is your newspaper article.  You will discuss public policy and its relationship to Criminal Justice and the Urban Environment where you live.  This is where you will also use the secondary data you looked up for the first assignment, to give some context on what the folks are telling you. So, for example, if a person tells you “crime is at an all time high!” Then you will be able to say something about that comment, based on the data you collected on crime rates in your community. Follow the papers attached along with the instructions to make this essay- Mahopac New York State. FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS!