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network security

Objective: The objective of this project is to help you learn the skills for conducting academic research by applying the security techniques in network protocol design. Description: In this project, you need to select and read some academic journal/conference papers on computer or communications network security. You need to summarize your investigations into a technical report. You are expected to write the technical report in the style as an academic paper. In your report, you need to give a proper literature survey, formulate the problem that you are going to study, summarize and classify the existing solutions to the problem, identify the open issues, and give some investigation to the possible solutions. Instructions: • You should thoroughly read at least 10 journal/conference papers downloaded from IEEE or ACM databases as your major reference for your technical report. You can freely select topics of your interest, as long as the topic is related to network security, for example, Internet security, wireless network security, social network security, security in cloud computing, security in network applications, or secure network protocol design and analysis. • The 10 required references must be academic papers downloaded from IEEE or ACM database. White papers “googled” from Internet can not be used as major references for your technical report, but can be used as additional references. • IIT Campus Network has free access to IEEE database at and ACM database at From off-campus locations, students can go to and use IIT login to access the databases. • Your technical report should have a reasonable length of at least 4000 words. You need to type the report using some editing software, and submit it through the blackboard system as a PDF file. • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. You must give credit to the original authors whenever you use another person’s idea, opinion, or theory, or use any pieces of information (e.g., facts, statistics, graphs, drawings) that are not common knowledge. The strategies to avoid plagiarism are putting in quotations the sentences that come directly from somewhere, or paraphrasing others’ ideas with references cited.  Deadlines: • You need to submit an abstract (around 200 words) of the topic that you plan to work on and the list of your major references (including at least 10 references)