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Nature and Nurture

Readings To prepare for the course, please read the following: Hunt, M. (2007). The story of psychology. New York, NY: Anchor Books. ISBN 9780307278074 To prepare for this unit’s discussions, please read the following in The Story of Psychology: Chapter 1, “The Conjecturers,” pages 11–35. Chapter 2, “The Scholars,” pages 36–64. Chapter 3, “The Protopsychologists,” pages 65–104. Nature and Nurture Psychologists still disagree on how much nature and nurture each contribute to an individual’s development. Using the arguments of the European philosophers, make a case for the importance of nature against nurture. Using the arguments from different philosophers of the same era, make an equally compelling case against nature and for nurture. Explain your personal opinion on this matter and defend your position.