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Nationalism, patriotism, and social class

The paper title is Nationalism, Patriotism and Social Class. It needs to explain the origins of nationalism, compare the differences between nationalism and patriotism, the implications and impact that these ideologies have on society, at least 3 historical scholar’s views (ex: Max Weber & Karl Marx) on nationalism, patriotism, and class. The paper also needs to have examples of how embrace of nationalism has historically caused war, uprisings, and explain the relationship between nationalism and racism in modern society. Finally, explain how nationalism and patriotism is not linked to stereotyped views of a certain class (e.i. demographics of patriots and nationalists).  *parts of the paper not necessarily in this order…but in an order that is cohesive and flows well*  No resources older than ten years. The instructions for the assignment explicitly state, there is to be no philosophical content or opinions from the writer in the research paper. Strictly factual information.