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Music Documentary

PLEASE LEAVE THE WORKS IN 2 SEPERATE FILES. 1. DISCUSSION: Reflection of 2 videos Katy Perry: Part of Me (YouTube/Amazon Prime) Meeting People is Easy: A Documentary about Radiohead Choosing an example that is important to you, discuss the representation of popular music, stardom, and legacy in music documentary. How do current ideas about gender, race, sexuality, class and mental health appear in these documentaries? How does the idea of popular music change the creative process? Please write 350 words or more and use at least two examples from these documentaries to support your position. 2. Documentary and pop music (Reading attached in file) Please write a 500 word (at least) essay in response to following prompt and questions: Based on your reading, chapter four of Introduction to Documentary, how did the documentaries you watched this week take on the challenges of persuasion and metaphor (p. 68-81)? Use at least two references to readings from this course to support your argument. This assignment is worth 50 point and due Sunday April 18th at midnight.  I will respond to your writing using a rubric that scores the following concerns: 1. Thesis argument: do you clearly state what you are arguing? 2. Fluency: When you begin arguing an idea, do you completely explore the topic? 3. Mechanics: Is the writing copyedited and proofread for proper grammar, sentence construction, and paragraph structure? 4. Content/Ideas: Did you support your thesis argument with detailed support? 5. Synthesis: How well are you incorporating what we are teaching you in this course into your writing?