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Missed opportunities of Marketing

This is just a Proposal Writing on topic: Missed opportunities of Marketing Who is missing out on Marketing Problem – Explore search volumes or size of markets via Google Search Console or Facebook or Twitter or Bing Task – Analyse how a business or group of businesses are missing out  Materials – Articles, online solutions, consultations with experts and or companies that provide these services  Output – Analytical frameworks / method to conduct such analysis / Design concepts / Calculators Initial research proposal requirements Submit to Turnitin.    Include the following: An introduction describing the topic area, why you are interested in it, why it is relevant to others, what potential contribution it will make. A literature critique with a summary of what research methods are used, what is known about the topic area, and the challenges and difficulties. Give an overview of all the research required to investigate your topic area. Typically, you will choose a small part of this to do as your project. Perhaps, it is the first thing to do. Perhaps, it is the bit you can do. Give rationale for your decision. The research question. This may contain a number of sub-questions. Research Method. A plan of action: what, where, who, why and how. A pilot test run of the method. This is often extremely useful in informing you on how to refine details of your method and its application. A pilot test can also be very useful in assisting you to refine and scope your research question. If you don’t consider a pilot test appropriate, consult with your supervisor.