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Mediterranean diet

For this assessment task you will be required to research, develop and deliver a written report on a given topic.  The purpose of this task is to:  1.  Provide a written evidence-based review of the topic  2. Develop appropriate academic writing skills The unit learning outcome(s) assessed are:  LO 1: Articulate the scopes of practice of exercise and sport scientists, nutritionists and dietitian in Australia with regards to nutrition;  LO 3: Critically analyse nutrition information derived from both popular media sources and scientific research (peer-reviewed journal articles) in the appraisal of topical and recurring trends and practices in nutrition. This is not a summary but a critical review of the research evidence related to the topic area. You will submit a 1200 word written  paper which will provide a literature review that summarizes the evidence base for your topic.  The paper should cover the following…  – An introduction to the topic under consideration with clear statement of the aim and scope of what you will cover in the report  – A summary of the peer-reviewed literature and evidence-based guidelines relating to your topic, including the strengths and limitations of this  – A clear conclusion with recommendations for future research and practice for nutrition and sports professionals