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Medical Ethics

Description:​ In light of the global pandemic and its impact upon the population of the United States, please discuss whether universal healthcare should be implemented in the United States. Include what the obstacles are to such implementation and how they might be overcome. ​Note that this is a graduate level academic paper. To the extent possible remove your personal politics from the assignment. The paper, by design, does require you to take a position. Back up that position in a thoughtful mature manner. Avoid polemics. ​The structure of the paper is up to you but remember to write to academic and/or professional standards. Pertinent information regarding papers: ​Length: Paper length is up to the discretion of the student but shall be no longer than eight (8) pages. Average paper length is between five (5) to seven (7) pages. ​ Format: Standard. Margins should be .75 to 1 inch. Font is at your discretion, but font size must be readable (generally 10 to 12 pt). Spacing should be 1.5 to double space. ​ Citation: Please use the APA citation method. Citation of sources may be as footnotes or endnotes.