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Media and society

Students should attempt to find articles that relate to both the main research topic and each other. There should be at least 20 solid academic sources and no more than 2-3 trade publication, and/or news article sources. While the literature review will make up the largest part of the paper, the final section should be a critical analysis of all the literature presented. This section should focus on how the material relates, comparisons and contrasts between findings, and the student’s perspective on what it all means (synthesis). This final section should probably be around 5 pages, but may be longer or shorter if the topic is adequately addressed. The study may be stronger if it includes some data examination but discuss this with the instructor before beginning this step. Overall length should be about 15 pages NOT including abstract, title page nor bibliography. Papers should be submitted in the appropriate dropbox as .doc, .docx, or .pdf files. Papers should be written in APA style with 12 point, Times or Times New Roman font. Papers should be double spaced.