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Major Research Paper

* 8 pages without cover page & references page * All the sources need to be Canadian, less than 5 years & peer reviewed. * I attached previous assignments for this course all inter related.   * Assignment details: Value: 30% Format: Essay (6-8 pages not including cover or reference page) This paper is the culmination of the academic and experiential research you did in the two previous assignments, combining what you learned about the scholarship on a health-related issue, and your experience of working toward change on the health-related issue. Think about answering the questions “what do I now know about this issue?” and “what do I now know about how to support others making similar changes or who are expected to make similar changes?” Rubric: Dimension Value Comprehensive treatment of both questions and analysis 10 Integration and analysis of knowledge from the literature review and SDOH 10 Quality of application & direct integration of course materials and relevant research 5 Professional presentation 5