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literature search for quantitative academic research studies

Conduct a literature search for qualitative academic research studies based on your clinical problem utilizing the search plan submitted in Week 3. You may revise the plan as you conduct the search. My clinical Problem is “How does the role of Nurse Practitioner (NP) impact the primary care shortage in the United States?  ” and Here  is my search plan. Literature Search Plan             The first step in the literature search plan was a search of multiple research databases.  These included the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), business source complex and health business fullTEXT.  The search range was adjusted to the years 2018-2121 and restrictions on the search included only scholarly peer reviewed articles, academic journals, English language, and United States geography.  The primary search terms used were “nurse practitioner” and “primary care”.  This search resulted in 338 research articles, these articles were reviewed for concept accuracy and narrowed to 10 publications pertinent to the research question. Databases   ·      U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics ·      Association of American Medical Colleges ·      MEDLINE ·      CINAHL ·      Cochrane Collaboration DO NOT UTILIZE A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW, LITERATURE REVIEW, CONTENT ANALYSIS, OR META-ANALYSIS THIS WEEK  Write a 300-word summary of your search process and explain why the committee chose the selected articles focusing on the methods, results, and significance of the studies’ findings.   and also Use the Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log to document your search process. attached is the log to document the search process. Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log     Date Database Keywords Used Subject Heading Used Author Search: Name Restrictions to Search Other Info on Search Strategy Yield