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Literary Analysis – Short Story Fiction

Write a literary analysis of one of the newly authored pandemic stories from the New York Times’ Decameron Series Link: The complete essay instructions are attached. The most important instruction to follow from the document is : 7) You must choose a literary theory as a lens to talk about the story/stories. For this essay you must choose formalism or New Historicism/Cultural Critique. theory_and_schools_of_criticism/index.html If you choose to write on 2 of the short stories instead of one, you must establish a clear and strong link between the two. Kindly refer to the instructions file continuously as you are writing, and please stick to 3 body paragraphs, with each paragraph having a clear stand-alone purpose (ex: first paragraph is clearly mainly discussing background/ point 1; second paragraph is discussing point 2 etc.), so it’s recommended to be following a pre-planned outline. Thank you.