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Life review

This paper MUST follow the PROPOSAL and the RUBRIC (introduction) (see attached files) Life Review Paper submission includes 3 parts  (1) The Interview,  (2) Theory Application, and  (3) Reflection. ****Please READ the attached Rubric file for detail**** 1.      For the INTERVIEW (30 points): (please see PROPOSAL) is the telling of the story of the life of the elder you interviewed. It’s question & answer. You “interview” an old person (MY GRANDFATHER). Ask him list of questions in the provided PROPOSAL (you can add more related questions or ignore few questions in the proposal). 2.      THEORY Application (60 points): please see attached book to know what theory (I think they are the titles of chapters (all chapters)). 3.      REFLECTION (40 points): In two pages briefly describe what you learned from this assignment. Address elements not only learned from the elder adult, but also the interview processes and application of course concepts. Moreover, state what you learned from this writing process. Describe what you would have done different through this processes and explain why. Also briefly describe your own personal reactions associated with one’s own aging process.